Food Trucks

Updated October 5th

First of all, thank you all for signing up to be a food truck at the first Upper Cumberland Bigfoot Festival. As you all know, there is no charge for food trucks to set up this year at the festival.

You will be assigned specific spots and those will be mapped out as we get closer to the event. I will include that map here. Look for that map by Friday, October 7th.

We STRONGLY encourage you to set up the day before the event and we will be on hand to assist you in any way we can. We have a security firm hired to guard everyone’s things that night.

You will have access to power.

We continue to plan for around 15,000 visitors. With other area festivals seeing even higher numbers than that, we might expect a higher number than our forecast of 15,000.

Again, thank you all so much and stay tuned for more info! Below is the list of food trucks I have listed as coming. I also included trucks that just sell drinks/icees. If you can no longer come, please let me know. Vendor assignments and maps are included below.

Vendor Spot Truck Name
67 T’s Icees
67-70 Tacos Guadalajara
21-22 Snaxi Taxi
39-40 Joey Zieman BBQ
Trailer Rescue Squad Crewettes
74-75 Bill from Monticello, Ky (BBQ)
68 Bunz on the Run
82-83 The Waffle Iron
88-89 Checkered Flag BBQ & Catering
3 David Mitchell (shaved ice)
48 Marty & Belinda Duke (cotton candy/popcorn)