Vendor Information

Updated October 24, 2021

We will post updates for vendors here.

Please keep in mind that the Fairgrounds will be open the Friday before the festival, October 14th. We STRONGLY encourage you to set up on that day the best you can. We simply don’t know how busy it will be Saturday morning and you could be very delayed in getting to your spot. Plus, if it’s crowded Saturday morning, you may find it very difficult to even set up. We will be on hand to help you on that Friday.

We will be at the Fairgrounds by 8:00 a.m. Friday. If you need to come earlier just let me know. We will stay late into the evening. If you need to come after 8:00 pm let me know.

We have hired a security firm to guard everyone’s belongs that Friday night.

Vendor spots are 10×10 and that is just for a grassy spot. You must provide the table, canopy, chair, etc. that you will need to be comfortable. This festival is all outdoors.

You will be able to park your car at or very near your vending spot for convenience.

I recommend bringing bug spray, as the bugs can be a menace (esp biting flies).

Experienced vendors know to bring water and snacks. For the newbies (ha), things can get really busy at festivals and you may find it a struggle to get to food and drink. Plus, food and drink lines can be long and that can be tough if you have a lot of people visiting your booth.

We continue to encourage you to have something for kids. We expect a lot of kids at this festival and if they love your booth they’re liable to bring mom and dad to your booth. That’s good for you!

We will have vendor bands for you to wear. That will get you and one other into the festival for no charge. Additional bands will be $2.50. We’ll give you yours when you set up on Friday. If you set up on Saturday we’ll have a designated spot for you to pick yours up (more on that later).

We ask that vendors not break down their booths until 4:00 p.m. , even if you’re sold out.

Another local festival is taking place the weekend of the Bigfoot Festival. The folks with Oktoberfest wanted me to invite you all to come see them the Friday evening before our festival, especially if you’re from out-of-town and looking for something to do Friday evening. To learn more about Oktoberfest, please see

Than you for your support and patience as we continue to plan the second Upper Cumberland Bigfoot Festival!

An announcement will be made here and on social media when vendor applications are available. In additional, we will will email the vendors we have on file, with those folks getting first consideration.