VIP Event

The VIP event is sold out.

If you have paid for your tickets we have that info in our files. You will simply tell us your name at the door to gain entry into the VIP event. We have VIP badges made for those who have registered.

The VIP event will be at the Recreation Lodge at Cumberland Mountain State Park on Swim Drive. This road is the first one on the left after you turn into the park from Highway 127. Just go to the end of the road to end up at the Recreation Lodge. This VIP event will occur Friday evening, October 15th at 6:00 pm.

Keep in mind that you will have VIP seating at the Saturday festival, too.

The event is catered by The Flying Pig.

Again, we have a list of the names of those who have paid for VIP tickets. Just check with us at the door and we will hand you your VIP badge.

We can’t wait and look forward to meeting you!