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Article in August Crossville Chronicle

Bigfoot Festival 2021.

Upper Cumberland Bigfoot Festival founder and organizer Mark Baldwin is beyond excited about the third
annual event, not only to have a great time and spend the day with the community, but to help local veterans
who need assistance.

“Getting bigger and better,” Baldwin said of the vendors and other new things organizers have worked on to
incorporate into the festival. “It’s different this year.”

An estimated 8,000 people attended the first two Upper Cumberland Bigfoot Festival events.
One of the things that Baldwin thought was different was the energy and the buzz indicative of a community
ready for the third annual festival.

“This year, both in myself and the community, I feel like there’s more excitement,” Baldwin said.
Having no prior experience, he continued, “This is the first time we’ve really been able to really get excited.
Now, we feel like we’ve got this, because none of us had ever planned a festival before.”

But now they are on a roll in a very big(foot) way.

Another new change includes turning over the 5K event to the willing and capable hands of Cumberland
County 4-H. The reprised event – now the Bigfoot 4-H 4K Fun Run will directly benefit Cumberland County

“So, that will be for a good cause,” Baldwin added. The Bigfoot 4-H 4K Fun Run will be held at the
Cumberland County Community Complex on Oct. 13.

Check-in is at 5:30 p.m. and the race starts at 6. The entry fee is $30. All proceeds from the fun run will benefit
Cumberland County 4-H. Visit to register!

For the second year, Upper Cumberland Federal Credit Union has offered its support as the main sponsor in
hopes that the festival fundraiser will be able to help even more veterans through Creative Compassion Inc.’s
veteran assistance program and Cumberland County Veterans Assistance Council.

Left to right: Mark Baldwin, Bigfoot Festival founder, David Robbins, Upper Cumberland Federal Credit Union, and Jack Fogel, Upper Cumberland Veteran’s Assistance Council.

“It’s all going to the veterans,” Baldwin said.

“That’s what I love about the Bigfoot Festival. It not only benefits these nonprofits, it makes people aware of

The Cumberland County Veterans Assistance Council is a nonprofit charitable organization made up of all of
the Cumberland County veterans organizations, including American Legion Posts, the Fleet Reserve Association, Military Officers Association of America, Vietnam War Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars posts, Disabled American Veterans and Korean War Veterans to assist veterans with utility bills, grocery or other needs.

“It’s amazing what we have going on in our community,” said Cumberland County Veterans Assistance Council
Director Jack Fogel. “Just so many positive things.”

All of the CCVAC staff members are non-paid volunteers. Veterans in need can access the CCVAC through the
Veterans Service Office at 931-456-0090, Monday- Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Creative Compassion Inc. offers solutions for low-income families looking to construct a new home, for help
paying for home repairs, to be approved for safe mortgage financing, which they can use to build a home
through Creative Compassion Inc. or buy a home through a real-estate agency of their choice and anyone facing
financial hardship who needs help paying their utility, rent, and/or mortgage with available payment assistance.
Festival proceeds given to Creative Compassion Inc. will go toward helping veterans with housing and repairs
through their service solutions.

“It’s the Bigfoot Festival, but it’s what we’re doing in the community to help our veterans,” said Upper
Cumberland Federal Credit Union Vice President of Financial Services and Business Development David
Robbins. “That’s the headline for me is what we’re doing there and the Bigfoot Festival is the vehicle.”

While Bigfoot fans and cynics have come out in droves to congregate at the Cumberland County Community
Complex for the past two festivals, Baldwin, Robbins and Fogel believe that the supporters of veterans in the
community will also show up in a big way.

“When you attach that funding to local charities, then it makes a difference and people will come and support
those charities,” Robbins said.

The Upper Cumberland Bigfoot Festival is set for Oct. 21, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at the Cumberland County
Community Complex, 1398 Livingston Rd. in Crossville. Admission is $5 (cash only), and parking is free.

By Rebekah Beeler | Features editor
Copyright (c)2023 Crossville Chronicle, Edition 8/22/2023

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Festival Activities

This year’s festival is jam packed with cool stuff! Stroll through the awesome vendors and food trucks and make your way to the grand stands where a stage full of thrills awaits you! Stroll on down through the grounds and tour heavy military equipment and all kinds of cool military things.

Back on the stage, we’ll have our celebrities taking time throughout the day to speak and take questions from the audience. Now’s your time to get those pressing questions off your chest!

Then, we’ll be having our Bigfoot calling contest, tree knocking contest, and the back-by-popular-demand mullet contest!

Stay tuned for the scheduling of all these exciting events!

Come for the celebrities and stay for the contests! There’s something at this festival for everyone!

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The one-day festival will take place on Saturday, October 21, 2023 from 9:00-5:00 at the Cumberland County Fairgrounds in Crossville, TN (1398 Livingston Rd.)

We have a “rain day” set aside for Sunday, October 22, if inclement weather causes us to postpone the Saturday festival.

We look forward to seeing you there!

To sign up to be a vendor, please visit

For a complete and up-to-date list of vendors, please visit

Let us know if you have any questions!